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 Trap preparation question

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PostSubject: Trap preparation question   Trap preparation question EmptyTue Nov 06, 2018 3:35 pm

I have 18 MB 450's and 12 MB 550's and 6 Bridger #2's I ran then through the Dishwasher to remove the oils then spray painted them with a light gray Rust O Lium hung them out for a week then dipped them in Full Metal Jacket. Will this method work ??

Im seeing Coyote track around my sets but no commitments if there is some human scent on the traps how long before all human scent is gone. I do get Raccoons in my sets for Coyotes when Im trapping in and around year round streams.

Being new to this Im still learning............
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PostSubject: Re: Trap preparation question   Trap preparation question EmptyFri Nov 23, 2018 8:44 pm

If worried about the treatment keeping coyotes away, you might try beating your traps with juniper foliage or sage brush. Hides the paint smell with something more natural.

The worse smell to get on traps is lure. And hard not to do it when handling lure all the time.
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Trap preparation question
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