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 2 DOZ MB 450's

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2 DOZ MB 450's Empty
PostSubject: 2 DOZ MB 450's   2 DOZ MB 450's EmptyThu Sep 05, 2019 1:08 pm

I have two dz MB 450's for sale all are painted and dipped in FMJ all but one have expanede trap pans pop riveted on with Three rivets. Id like to sell all of them together. These traps list for $185 a dz but if you buy them all together I will sell them for $185 for the two DZ, otherwise there $100 a DZ
Seven of them has the .125 coil springs instead of the .135. I wanted to try them out after talking to another trapper that uses them, and I had NO issues with pullouts all Coyotes and Bobcats I caught last year where there when I did my trap check.......... In the past most all of my sets were in areas I had to hike into and the 450's I could carry a lot more than the bigger traps.......the reason I used them. This year i will be trapping a new area with little hiking off my new ATV.

If you interested call me at 775-686-3807
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2 DOZ MB 450's
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