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 Nevada Trappers Association Education Day (PICS)

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PostSubject: Nevada Trappers Association Education Day (PICS)   Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:48 pm

This year the Nevada Trappers Association held its second annual Trapper Education Day. It went very well and everyone had a great time.
Sepcial thanks to:
Joel Blakeslee -- skinning demo.
Dave Foster -- Furnished the skinning rig -- aint it a dandy?
Bill Ilchik aka Billcat -- Cat trapping demo
John Sullivan -- Canine demo
Jim Curran -- Furs to handle
Mike O'Neil -- not even a trapper but comes and cooks our food every year, and brings all his own equipment to do so!!
Thanks to everyone that made it happen.
The location.

Master Canine Trapper John Sullivan demonstrating a dirt hole set up for fox.

Bill Ilchik instructing on bobcat trapping.

Oour Association President, Joel Blakeslee (on the right), telling a whopper about how he caught a cat that was so big it wouldn't fit on a fleshing beam.

Joel getting some skinning lessons from a very talented, but vertically challenged trapper, Trail Talbot.

"Look Mommy, the big man pulled the tail off the gray fox!!!"

"Hmmmmm, where have I seen those boot tracks before . . .?

The matching game (where everyone had to match a situation in the field, with a written description of the situation.

Kids love to skin stuff . . . no matter the age of the "kid."

Say what you want about old Billcat . . . he always winds up where the pretty girls are. . . . .

And she is a pretty girl.

My hat is off to this guy. You can't find a better friend. My buddy Mike O'Neil --- not even a trapper but he comes every year and does all the cooking. Hard to beat that arrangement.

Whose kids are these???

Thanks again to everyone that came, and to all the folks that made it possible!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Nevada Trappers Association Education Day (PICS)   Mon Sep 14, 2009 9:01 pm

Thats pretty cool
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Nevada Trappers Association Education Day (PICS)
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