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 Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting

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PostSubject: Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting   Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:31 pm

To: Nevada Wildlife Commission 3/30/2014

From: Nevada Trappers Association

Regarding the potential for action by the Nevada Wildlife Commission regarding Trap visitation, the Nevada Trappers Association submits their official position statement regarding this matter.

1-Whereas there have been four meetings by the trapping committee appointed by the Commission to discuss the visitation portion of SB 213.

2-Whereas there has been no scientific data presented to quantify a problem.

3-Whereas the standard scientific method has not been a part of the conversation.

4-Whereas the trapping committee has not identified a problem that would be solved by shorter visitation times.

5-Whereas there has been no science based rationale presented to justify a shorter visitation time.

6-Whereas there have been several good reasons presented regarding why shortening visitation time will create problems.

7-Whereas there has been no discussion of the "no action" alternative.

8-Whereas the legislative direction given to the Commission was only to "consider" a shorter time near certain areas.

9-Whereas there has been no clear definition of criteria for these areas.

10-Whereas the word "compromise" has been used incorrectly.

11-Whereas this very issue has been debated by the Legislature in at least eight sessions in the past 30+ years with no recommended changes.

12-Whereas faulty data regarding non target species has been not only discussed, but agendized, as a reason to change the current regulation.

13-Whereas demerits have been introduced into the conversation after meetings have already taken place.

14-Whereas trapping has been a dominant topic at the wildlife commission and the CABs for the past five years which has created frustration by other sportsmen whose issues have been diluted.

15-Whereas there have been far more regulations instituted in the past several years, limiting sportsmen, than any commensurate time in the history of the wildlife commission.

16-Whereas there are already trapping closures instituted by the existing commission for the heavily used and populated areas of this state.

17-Whereas the trapping closures directed by SB226, and instituted by this Commission has likely exacerbated the problems caused by urban predators. Which is evidenced by several school closures and increased attacks on pets in those specific areas. We suggest an NDOW study of this probability before any consideration of additional restrictions.

18-Whereas previous cooperation and compromise by the NVTA has not resulted in any relief from continued regulatory proposals which threaten, by incremental diminution, sportsman's traditions and opportunities.

19-Whereas action taken by this commission can and will create ramifications for future generations of sportsmen and women.

The Nevada Trappers Association takes the following position of NO CHANGE to the trapping laws for the state of Nevada and will state further that we will not support
decisions based on cultural disputes rather than science.

The duty of the Wildlife Commission is to make decisions based on science. All of us who value Nevada's wildlife and proper management depend upon that standard.


Joel Blakeslee

President NVTA
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PostSubject: Re: Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting   Sun Mar 30, 2014 11:00 pm

Sure reads well .
Just hope it has Teeth and packs a punch with the Commission..
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PostSubject: Re: Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting   Mon Mar 31, 2014 5:51 pm

I look forward to the April 5th meeting and hope that there is a great show of support from trappers statewide! There will need to be support & facts from Every facet of the spectrum involving trapping...the trappers, All sportsmen, true local biologists with knowledge of our local wildlife, The coalitions, associations and all other wildlife nonprofits with any information to help with this cause.
We need everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting   

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Nevada Trappers Association position on April 5 meeting
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