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 GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!

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PostSubject: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   Mon May 12, 2014 3:28 pm

OK, now that I have your attention . . . .

Looks like the Nevada Wildlife Commission is going to have ONE MORE Trapping Committee meeting before the June Commission meeting. What's that, you ask, the 29th Trapping Committee meeting? Sounds about right. And is the Committee really going to hear or decide anything in this 29th meeting that they didn't already hear about in the prior 28 meetings? Probably not . . . but it makes me feel so good to know our wildlife and tax dollars are being so wisely spent.

Anyway, enough with the sarcasm. The next meeting is supposed to be held the 29th of May, but I don't know a location yet. As soon as I do, I will let you know.

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PostSubject: Re: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   Tue May 13, 2014 7:09 pm

Tracy, I was really hoping you were giving away a great location (even though I can't take advantage of it). With all the cats you catch, I figured you were tired of skinning cats. Anyway it was an attention getter, and I commend you on your tactics.
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PostSubject: Re: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   Thu May 15, 2014 1:18 pm

The meeting will be on the 29th in Reno. Go to the Nevada Trappers Association Facebook page and get the details.
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PostSubject: Re: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   Mon May 19, 2014 12:15 pm

The antis are pouring it on. In addition to the letter to editor published yesterday, another one appeared in the Sun today. The one today slams hunters as well as trappers. Imagine that. I always heard that they don't oppose hunting, just trapping.

The antis know that the clock is ticking on influencing the WC between now and June 20 and 21 when decisions will be made at the Tonopah meeting.

We need to answer the bell.

We need to crank up another letter writing campaign like we did when John Smith blasted us.

Letters to the editor to the RJ go to: They must not exceed 300 words and include your name, address, and phone number.

For the Sun it is: Their requirement is 250 words or less. And must include name, address, and phone number.
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PostSubject: Re: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   Tue May 20, 2014 12:10 pm

Kudos to John Sullivan for responding to the tirades of the anti trappers. John's response should be published soon. Here it is:

Commentary on Trapping
The Review Journal recently published a commentary by animal rights activist Stephanie Myers condemning regulated trapping of wildlife in this state. Possibly the most revealing thing about her article is comparing Nevada to Los Angeles and her longing for us to be more like them.
Let's take a quick look at California and the state of wildlife management there.
Since California all but eliminated regulated trapping there some years ago there has been a corresponding and significant increase in the number and type of urban coyote problems, mostly in the LA basin. Never mind that countless pets are being attacked and killed by coyotes, humans are being attacked there as well. And in one instance a little girl was killed.
In a report authored by professors at two California universities, they document 110 incidents of coyote attacks on humans in California all since the early 1970's. The attacks resulted in injuries to a total of 136 individuals, 87 adults and 49 children. This report followed the tragic death of a 3 year old girl, Kelly Keen, afte she was attacked by a coyote in the front yard of her residence in Glendale, CA in August 1981.
In their conclusions the authors state that conflicts including these attacks on humans have developed more in southern California then in any other region in North America.
The coyote problems in CA are but one example of wildlife problems there. While feral animals such as hogs and cats have greatly increased in numbers and range, the indigeneous wildlife populations have diminished and suffered greatly.
The feral cat situation in that state is a travesty. In the name of protecting one type of animal, feral cats, the animal rightists are condemning to death millions of others. And mostly indegineous and in some cases endangered species. It is estimated that 160 million feral cats in this country are killing in excess of 20 billion birds and small animals per year. Billions with a B.
In S. Nevada we are beginning to experience some of these same types of problems, just not as severe here yet. Neighborhoods in Summerlin, Seven Hills, Anthem, and North Las Vegas have all reported incidents recently where agressive coyotes were attacking and killing pets. Ms. Myers states that there was "only" one school lockdown in the last year because of wild predators. In fact Metro Police data indicates there were 12 school lockdowns in 2013 alone due to predators.
The urban coyote problems faced by the residents in S. Nevada, which so far have been limited to attacks on pets only, do not need to regress to the state of things in S. California. Although recent history is beginning to indicate that it will.
In 2012 the Nevada legislature passed SB 226 that was signed into law by Gov. Sandoval. This law eliminated trapping in certain areas of the Spring Mountains and within one half mile of residences in Clark County. Since then the news reports of coyotes killing pets in residential areas have increased dramatically. As have school lockdowns.
That law was followed immediately by SB213 which is another set of retrictions before the impact of the first law is even known.
Ms. Meyers states that trappers defenses are "emotional arguments, not based on science". What science is she talking about?
The Wildlife Society, the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and the American Veterinary Medical Association all support regulated trapping as a critical and essential wildlife managment tool. Of animal rights groups the vets say: "Some special interest groups oppose trapping of animals in general, but this can actually compromise animal welfare."
In Nevada elected officials and wildlife commissioners need to be careful not to be bullied and harassed into making big mistakes on behalf of these animal rights "experts". Our Nevada wildlife has been very well managed by a professional agency, the Nevada Department of Wildlife, under the guidance of a civilian regulatory commission with input from county advisory boards. Wildlife in Nevada today is abundant, healthy, and on the increase in most areas and for most species. The urban problems with predators are still isolated and manageable. California by comparison has been a calamity by design. Lets not make the same mistakes here.
-John Sullivan
Vice President, Nevada Trappers Association
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PostSubject: Re: GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!   

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GPS Coordinates to new Bobcat hotspot!!
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