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 tell alittle about yourself

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Join date : 2009-03-28
Location : sw neb

PostSubject: tell alittle about yourself   Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:42 pm

just thought since this sites new if you wanted to you could tell alittle about yourself and where your from.
i guess i will start, i live in sw neb and live to hunt anything and everything. i work for wildlife services as a gov't trapper, mostly just work coyotes and prairie dogs, one of the few people that are lucky enough to love their job. hope some more people will post here so we know more about you, thanks ryan
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Location : Missouri Ozarks

PostSubject: Re: tell alittle about yourself   Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:56 pm

I live in the Missouri Ozarks. I trap public land. I am semi-retired; I teach two days per week and have the rest of the week for fun. I'm into fitness and work out 4-5 times per week when trapping season is closed. I'm married, have 3 grown kids, am a Christian, belong to the NRA, FTA, and Missouri Trappers Association. Bobcat trapping is my passion. I first started trapping them a couple years ago and became hooked after catching the first one.
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Location : oregon

PostSubject: Re: tell alittle about yourself   Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:40 am

i live in douglas county oregon and work in the timber industry.... i also am an outfitter but would much rather spend my time trapping with my boys. i've been married 13 yrs to a georgious lady who i have 3 boys with. i am a faithful church going christian and enjoy almost everything outdoors....even work.

been trappin a couple yrs but last yr was the first year i took it real serious and the more i went the more i wanted to go and lay more steel.
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Location : South Central Idaho

PostSubject: Re: tell alittle about yourself   Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:10 am

Well, I live in south central Idaho. I'm retired from Law Enforcement and Corrections. Did work for 8 years as a government trapper early in life. I am now working as the head of security for an Alaskan Oil Company who is building man camps for the oil field in North Dakota. I work three weeks on and three weeks off, so have some time to trap. I spend a lot of my time home out in the hills (at least my wife would tell you that). My wife is related to Frank Terry (who passed away but owned "Mast Lures" for years and years.) Been trapping since I was 12, and still doing it. Always figured to do it full time when I decide that I don't want to work for someone else anymore. Love to hunt, fish, shoot and just explore the outdoors.
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PostSubject: Re: tell alittle about yourself   

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tell alittle about yourself
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