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 New Mexico Bobcat #3 nice tom

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PostSubject: New Mexico Bobcat #3 nice tom   Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:46 pm

After a wet winter storm Thursday night that painted everything above 6500ft white, Friday night turned out clear and cold. Being modest I was a little excited to run the line this morning knowing that the predators would have been very active last night, after the storm. Midway through the line I was not dissapointed and pleasantly surprised.

It ended up being a nice tom with a high pad catch...yes all my traps are painted(desert tan or O/D green)

Here is a on site picture of his spots, he even had two spots on each side of the tip of his tail. I had never seen that before.

This set had already suffered through a big male grey fox and now this tom bobcat. I completed the remake and spruced it up nice

I got the tom home to the fur shed/garage and here is the finished product. This is my second cat to put up with the Nevada Stretch. I finally figured out the pucker/tuck in the middle and got the hind legs to line up and get all the white/spots to show.

Tally so far has been 3 bobcats (one small female released) 6 grey fox, 1 kit fox and 1 ringtail cat both released. I am having the time of my life...
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PostSubject: Re: New Mexico Bobcat #3 nice tom   Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:41 pm

Congratulations borderyote !!
Nice catch and put up. best of luck with the remainder of your season.
I have yet to put steel in the ground this season , too busy coaching wrestling. However we did finally get some weather here in the desert with low temps and snow down to 3000 ft.. Now I'm missin it
So living thru my fellow trappers here helps .
So keep Catchin & Postin... santa
Thanks Fred
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New Mexico Bobcat #3 nice tom
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