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 Warning! RE bobcat manifesto

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PostSubject: Warning! RE bobcat manifesto   Sat Mar 03, 2012 12:58 am

I just got wind of this manifesto thing my Mick put on here, such hogwash!

I gotta tell you Mr. big idea boss dog coyote ain`t going to New York.

And if he goes anywhere at all it`ll be with a black eye and a big knot on his head

I`d have give him a lot worse if he hadn`t got the shovel away from me!

I warn you trappers, if you get hooked up with the old scoundrel you`ll

regret it for the rest of your life, if you live that long.

He`s been a trouble maker all his life and my mother warned me not to marry him.

Always off sneaking around the mountains, coming home stinking like a polecat

and full of fleas, him and those dogs that are as bad as he is.

It`s a wonder I ain`t been drove crazy from 40 years of his cunning plans.

Mark my words, he`ll end up in the hotel with crowbar windows, serve him right!

You have no idea how my poor Kitty cat suffers because of him.

When I want to feed her I find he`s stole her kitty-frisky seafood delight

to bait his old traps, and I`m afaid what he`ll do if cat prices get any higher.

Don`t you fellers be showing up looking for that bus, Ma has cancelled the trip.

Silly idea, them NewYork fancy women would throw rocks at you trappers.

Now you been warned, he`s the biggest liar in Colorado, so watch your step.

best of luck, Mrs. Mickzabro
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PostSubject: Re: Warning! RE bobcat manifesto   Sat Mar 03, 2012 1:29 am

Sounds like you've been visiting Mr. Jack Daniels or Mr. Jim Beam. Very Happy
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Warning! RE bobcat manifesto
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