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 fur harvester auction inc forecast

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PostSubject: fur harvester auction inc forecast   Tue Nov 03, 2009 9:16 pm

Wild Fur Market Forecast
2009/2010 Wild Fur Forecast

Last year we realized strong demand for sable; however, the market was softer with excellent clearances. Russia and China are showing the greatest interest and this will be the case this coming season. FHA`s collection is considered the finest to be found on this continent and we have led the market on this article for some time now. The bigger sizes are in the greatest demand with darker colours bringing a premium all, of which are used to supply the trim trade. Smaller sizes are the ones being used in full garments. Sable remains as the status symbol of luxury in the fur business and we expect to see improvement this season as Russia is now showing signs of improvement against the world financial crisis.

Last year lynx prices took a big adjustment with demand and clearances strong on the clearer colors. FHA has received the highest prices consistently the past few years with our northern cats bringing a premium. Again it is the Russian market commanding this article and expect stronger levels once Russia recovers.

Lynx Cat
FHA held to strong price levels on all better color cats in the western sections. This article is very select with a small production of top end goods coming on the market each year. We have the best of last year’s cats still for sale and we are optimistic these will move at what we consider fair value as the season goes along. Once last year’s stock is sold the Russian market will be looking for better quality cats.

This item took a big price hike a few years back with FHA realizing the highest averages. However the past two seasons have witnessed prices fall away on this luxury item. Again an article produced in relatively small quantities. We are expecting to see an improvement on this item as the season progresses.

As everyone knows the bottom fell out of the otter market a few years back as China stepped away. Since then it has been slowly climbing back with each passing year. Last season we witnessed improvement again with very strong clearances and customers doing well with their purchases. Expect the same starting this selling season with northern sections with the dominant darker colours realizing the stronger averages.

This article was the most disappointing of all last season. As North American dressing companies continue to close, dressing alternatives create a huge problem. Last year’s sales went mainly to China and if China can solve the dressing and plucking issue that is causing the problem, this article will improve only then. Eastern beaver will receive the better prices as southern , heavy leathered sections will be difficult to market. Castor prices are however very good.

Wild Mink
Remains a big disappointment as competition is limited with a few Italian accounts showing interest. Price levels are expected to open at last season levels.

Fueled by strong demand coming from China, we expect muskrat to be one of the better items this year. Chinese buyers will see competition from Canadian and from the old eastern block countries and this will make for a healthy market for trappers who target this species.

Renewed interest in trimming items should help the heavier northern sections especially for the better colours. Semi heavy raccoon will need a strong turnaround in the Russian retail market in order to get supply back in line with demand. Despite the vastly reduced prices of last spring, unsold skins both raw and dressed still remain in the system. This backlog needs to be cleared up before favorable conditions return.

Red Fox
We expect demand will be greatest for better quality darker coloured foxes from heavy and semi-heavy eastern sections. Centrals are seeing interest but at reduced levels. Expect western section to move at last year’s levels.

Cross Fox
This item has been a strong performer the last few years and we expect good demand again this year for this unique pelt.

Grey Fox
Good demand at last season levels.

Demand will be greatest for paler western heavies, better qualities from Eastern heavies sections will see decent demand. Semi heavy sections will continue to struggle. Low grades will likely again be of no value. We encourage trappers to be selective on what they skin.


Mark Downey
Chief Executive Officer
Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.

copied this from t-man tonight
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fur harvester auction inc forecast
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